GAMES ARE PLAYED 9:45am - 11:00am on Saturday Mornings weekly


There is a come and try day on April 8 2017.


The competition starts on 22 April and continues until 26 August.

There are no games on the following days due to either school holidays or junior byes - TBA


Games are played when it is raining, except in extreme weather conditions. notices will be placed on the association Facebook page



1.      There will be no Goal keeper.

2.     The ball must stay on the ground at all times.

3.     Dangerous play is not allowed.

4.     The stick must not be raised above the shoulders when near other players.

5.     No big swings when other players are very close by.

6.     Push the ball when other players are very close by.

7.     When a free hit is taken, all other players must be at least 3 metres away from the ball.

8.     A free hit near the goal will be taken back so that the hit is taken at least 5 metres from the goal, so that it is not dangerous.

9.     A goal cannot be scored directly from a free hit. The ball must hit an attacker’s stick before a goal can be scored.

10.    A goal can be scored, from anywhere, once the player is over the half way line, in their attacking half.

11.    You must not push another player, at any time.

12.    You cannot push yourself in between a player and the ball if they have control of the ball.

13.    You cannot shepherd another player away from the ball or prevent them from tackling another player.

14.    You cannot swing your stick at the stick of another player with the ball.

15.    If a ball hits another players foot and that player gains an advantage, then a free hit will be given against them.

16.    If the ball is accidently played over the back line by either Team, then the defenders have a free hit 5 metres from the goal line, where the ball went out.

17.    If a defender hits the ball over the back line deliberately, a free hit is taken by the attackers from the nearest corner of the ground.

18.    All dangerous hitting and dangerous play, must be penalised immediately.

19.    Umpires to indicate to the player, why they are being penalised.

20.    Rules for U10 Hockey has been modified from AHA & VJHA U9s half Field Rules.