HAW Office Hours

for the week starting 22 Jan:
Mon: 10am-noon, 2pm-5pm
Tue:  10am - 3pm
Wed: 10am-noon, 3pm-5pm
Thur: 10am - noon
Fri: Australia Day 

Phone: 02 6041 3417
Mobile 0417 688 852 (if urgent)
Or contact the relevant board member.  Detais here



Entries for April 2014

Mens Vets training - Thursday night 24th April. AHC 2 from 7:30pm. 


Contact Craig Pontt or Ross Maggs for any extra details.


The director of Athlete Development is calling for nominations for the position of Athlete Identification Officer to record feedback on talented players and report feedback to hockey Victoria Please complete attached nomination form and email to director athlete development at Development@haw.net.au Nominations close 5 pm thu 24 April