HAW Office Hours

for the week starting 22 Jan:
Mon: 10am-noon, 2pm-5pm
Tue:  10am - 3pm
Wed: 10am-noon, 3pm-5pm
Thur: 10am - noon
Fri: Australia Day 

Phone: 02 6041 3417
Mobile 0417 688 852 (if urgent)
Or contact the relevant board member.  Detais here



Entries for September 2014

Twilight will be back 4 nov - 9th dec. 




Veteran aged ladies will be having a hit on Mondays at 6.45pm.

We will start on 13th October and finish just before the heat sets in on 1st December.

Players are asked to bring a light and a dark shirt so a match can be played.

A few sticks & shin guards will be available to loan for any ladies wanting to have try.

Vets is ideal for newcomers right up the stateleague players who would like to hand on a few skills 

The cost will be $5- a player.

Any quires can be made to Gay Harvey 0409812766 or Joanne Duffy 0407401211.

Kookaburras Glen Simpson and George Bazeley are coming to Albury for one night only to run a clinic. 
When: Friday 17th October 5 - 6:15pm 
Where: Albury Hockey Centre
Cost: $40 per person
Contact: Sharyn Norie - development@haw.net.au

Places are limited!
Get in quick.

Junior Results

Under 12 Girls Falcons 2 (Butler.A, Fellows.L) def Phantoms 0
Under 12 Boys United 3 (Seymour.W 3) def Norths 0

Under 14 Girls United 3 (Baker.B, Roach.T, Smits.B) def Magpies 1 (Nelson.T)
Under 14 Boys Phantoms 5 (Lade.R, Walker.R) def Scots 3 (Bissessor.K, Erdeljac.N, Schulz.B)

Under 16 Girls Wodonga 2 (Davis.C, Sutherland.S) def United 1 (Rosewarne.B)
under 16 Boys Wombats 6 (Lee.N 4, Smart.O, Stephens.C) def Scots 1 (Mills.M)

Senior results

Division 3 Women - Magpies 1 (Pontt.G) def Norths White 0

Division 3 Men – Falcons Orange 1 (Bardy.L) def Falcns Black 0


Division 2 Women – Norths 2 (Beath.R, Donnelly.K) def Wombats 1 (Burkitt.N)

Division 2 Men – Falcons 6 (Anderson.C, Battison.L, Benson.J 2,  Nelson.J, Russell.M) def United 2 (Baker.T, James.B)


Division 1 Women – Norths 3 (Latta.N, Purtell.B) def Magpies 2 (Knight.M, McNair.E)

Division 1 Men – Wombats 3 (Barber.P, Smart.M 2) def Wodonga 2 (Albon.E, McQuilton.K)

The Southern Sports Academy is pleased to announce the Wagga RSL Club Hockey program will continue in 2015.  A trial will be held at the Wagga Hockey Fields, Jubilee Park, Wagga Wagga on Sunday 12th October 2014. 


To be eligible for consideration, nominees must be turning 16, 17 or 18 in 2015. 


All scholarship holders will participate in an ongoing program of intensive coaching covering all aspects of their sport. This program will include specific workshops in practical skill training, fitness testing, strength and conditioning advice, nutrition and hydration principles, recovery strategies and sports medicine advice.


Athletes will also attend personal development workshops designed to assist them with issues off the sporting field.


The Academy would appreciate if you could pass these forms onto your local Clubs asking them to distribute nomination forms to all players that are eligible to participate in the development program. 


The Academy is very appreciative for the support we receive from associations and clubs in the region and acknowledge the valuable role you play in athlete development. We trust your association will be supportive of this unique opportunity for our Southern NSW athletes, and I thank you in anticipation of your co-operation.


If you require additional information concerning the program or the Southern Sports Academy, please do not hesitate to contact me on (02) 6931 8111.